One of the primary objectives, amongst several others, of IFA is to highlight the contemporary issues vis-à-vis Islam in this present  modern era through publication of books, Journals, periodical and comprehensive reports on the subject concerning the Islamic World in general and Muslim in particular.

Its mission has never been confined to one single domain of simple publication but it goes much beyond that where it is constantly engaged in the translation of precious and rare books of different language into Urdu and other vernacular with sole objective of making its reach wider and deeper.

The idea of IFA publication was conceived to achieve the large objective of Islamic Fiqh Academy and to commit this noble mission not only to study Islam, jurisprudence with a Quranic prism but also to provide a lasting solution on some of the complexities troubling the common intellectual landscape of educated section of the Muslim society.

Apart from other objectives, IFA publication is also engaged in bringing out the conference deliberation, seminar report, empirical work, survey and thesis on contemporary Islamic issues for scholar of Islam and educated people.

The most fundamental objective behind the design of this steamed body was to introduce a proper trajectory for our intellectual evolution where one can debate and discuss all the issues ranging from Jurisprudence to Shariah to laws to Islamic science without any prior preoccupation or prejudices. One can achieve this objective only through a mindset where an intellectual horizon is well equipped with Islamic literature that have a pioneering to play and this is extended by IFA.

 IFA as an institution is playing a role for raising an edifice which will act as a foundation stone for the rational along with intellectual development of our people. This institution will play a momentous role in extending the not only intellectual bur meanwhile a spiritual benefit as well who are deprived of these assets fro a time immemorial and this will also expedite the Islamic mission by branching out in several different direction without loosing sight of the core objective of its mission.

For the successful functioning of this body, we have also developed certain methodology which would be applied in various form and means which will include not only the translation of scholarly works but further publication and distribution. A special effort  will made to highlight the intellectual role of Indian Ulema by re-bringing those books  by our past scholars who have become an obscure figure in our their own land.
Among its future objective, IFA publication has evolved a plan in several fields like

    Publication of New Literature
    Compilation of new research on contemporary Issues
    Publication of Academic Literature in Booklet size
    Translation of several masterpieces on Islamic Jurisprudence into Hindi Language.

    Preparation of Books on several important issues


    Compilation of Fatwa given by Indian Ulema from time to time

Its Administrative setup is run, apart from other member, by four prominent authorities that mainly include Maulana Khalid Saifullah, Obaidullah Assadi, Ateeq Ahamd Qasmi and finally Mr. Ameen Usmani.

The following are few of all its future-planned activities:

    To create a separate translation department of the IFA Publication.
    Establishment of Department of Investment and Commercial Activities in the field of Printing and Publication.
    Publication of Annual Calendar by the Academy.
    Preparation of minimum twenty books a year.
    Cooperation and Collaboration with other Academies.

There are several means and mechanism to extend cooperation to IFA Publication and few are as follow.

        Financial Cooperation for publication of IFA sponsored work
        To extend help in translation work.
        To offer charity for this work for benefit of common people.
        Collaboration through Investment and Partnership.
        To offer service in preliminary work like Translation and Printing.